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Some links to YouTube videos about Teesdale.
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Researching Teesdale History with Youtube

YouTube can be a useful resource for historical research about Teesdale, as there are many videos available that cover various aspects of the area's history. Here are some tips for using YouTube for historical research:

  • Use specific search terms: When searching on YouTube, try to use specific keywords related to the topic you're researching. For example, if you're researching the history of Barnard Castle, try searching for "Barnard Castle history" or "Barnard Castle documentary".

  • Check the video's source and credibility: When you find a video that looks promising, take a moment to check the source and credibility of the video. Is it from a reputable organization or individual? Are there any biases or inaccuracies to be aware of?

  • Look for primary sources: YouTube can be a great source for primary historical documents, such as old newsreels, interviews with local residents, and footage of historical events. These types of videos can provide first hand accounts of historical events and help you gain a deeper understanding of the past.

  • Some specific YouTube channels that may be useful for historical research about Teesdale include Visit County Durham, North East Film Archive, and the Bowes Museum.

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