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Getting your Internet Connection

In Teesdale, there are several options for using the internet, including:

  1. WiFi hotspots: Many cafes, restaurants, and hotels in Teesdale offer free WiFi to their customers. You can check with the establishment you're visiting to see if they have WiFi available.
  2. Mobile data: If you have a mobile phone or tablet with a data plan, you can use it to access the internet while in Teesdale. However, please note that some areas may have limited or no mobile coverage.
  3. Libraries: The Teesdale area has several libraries, including in Barnard Castle, Middleton-in-Teesdale, and Teesdale. These libraries offer free WiFi and public computers for use.
  4. Tourist Information Centres: There are several tourist information centers in Teesdale, including in Barnard Castle, which offer free WiFi and public computers for use.
  5. Coworking spaces: There are some coworking spaces in Teesdale, such as the Hub at Middleton-in-Teesdale. These spaces offer desks, chairs, and internet access for people who need a workspace.
  6. Internet cafes: There are no dedicated internet cafes in Teesdale, but some cafes and restaurants offer internet access to their customers.

I hope this information helps you stay connected while in Teesdale!

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